Foyer and AV renewal project UPDATE (Apr 8, 2021) 


  • Round 0 Affinity Mapping Session – Church Visions and Project Alignment with Interim Board and Lead Pastors on Mar 6, 2021 with 9 attendees.
  • Round 1 Group 1A Requirement Gathering Session with English Ministry, Children Ministry and English Councilors stakeholders was held on Mar 9, 2021 with 15 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Group 1B Requirement Gathering Session with Cantonese Ministry Pastors, Support and Admin Staff stakeholders was held on Mar 11, 2021 with 12 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Group 1C Requirement Gathering Session with Mandarin Ministry Pastors, Deacons, Common Councilors, CM, MM, Councilors stakeholders was held on Mar 16, 2021 with 22 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Reno Joint Session Requirement Survey Result Walkthru with Group 1A, 1B & 1C on Mar 30, 2021, 23 attendees.
  •  Round 2 Reno Requirement-Design Focus Group with Interim Board, Admin Staff, Library/Literature Councilor, Apr 8, 2021. 



We need more technical team members and helpers along our journey. If you think you are FAT (Faithful, Available, Teachable) and HOT (Humble, Optimistic, a Team Player), please consider the following positions and contact us:

1. Project Support Analyst
- part of the core team to support project coordination and communication activities
- best to have good command of English and Chinese typing and translation
- understand project management life cycle
- knowledge of webpage design and WordPress
2. Renovation team SME's (Subject Matter Experts)
- part of the Foyer/Office Renovation team to work under the direction of Reno Team Lead
Any of the following:
- knowledge of renovation and construction trades

- interested in design and decoration
- a handy man who can help out to set up furniture and install simple fixtures
- good at writing up or negotiating contracts
- best to have experience in obtaining building permits



General Inquiry and Feedback:

Project Lead:  Alan Chan

AV Team Lead: Jacky Lai

Reno Team Lead: Paul Hung