Foyer and AV renewal project UPDATE (Apr 27, 2021) 


  • Round 0 Affinity Mapping Session – Church Visions and Project Alignment with Interim Board and Lead Pastors on Mar 6, 2021 with 9 attendees.
  • Round 1 Group 1A Requirement Gathering Session with English Ministry, Children Ministry and English Councilors stakeholders on Mar 9, 2021 with 15 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Group 1B Requirement Gathering Session with Cantonese Ministry Pastors, Support and Admin Staff stakeholders on Mar 11, 2021 with 12 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Group 1C Requirement Gathering Session with Mandarin Ministry Pastors, Deacons, Common Councilors, CM, MM, Councilors stakeholders  on Mar 16, 2021 with 22 attendees.
  •  Round 1 Reno Joint Session Requirement Survey Result Walkthru with Group 1A, 1B & 1C on Mar 30, 2021 with 23 attendees.
  •  Round 2 Reno Requirement-Design Focus Group with Interim Board, Admin Staff, Library/Literature Councilor, Apr 8, 2021 with 20 attendees.
  •  Round 3 AV Requirements Workshop with Praise teams, Choir, Musicians and AV Control personnel from EM, CM & MM, Apr 22, 2021 with 27 attendees.
  •  Round 3 Reno Requirement-Design Workshop with Church leadership groups, IT & Property Management, Apr 23, 2021 with 22 attendees.
  • Project Update 更新工程最新消息 (2021-04-27)



Open Session on May 6, 8pm via Zoom Meeting ID: 999 2018 3467  Passcode: 133133

Town Hall on May 16  Zoom link to be announced.


We need more technical team members and helpers along our journey. If you think you are FAT (Faithful, Available, Teachable) and HOT (Humble, Optimistic, a Team Player), please consider the following positions and contact us:

1. Project Support Analyst
- part of the core team to support project coordination and communication activities
- best to have good command of English and Chinese typing and translation
- understand project management life cycle
- knowledge of webpage design and WordPress
2. Renovation team SME's (Subject Matter Experts)
- part of the Foyer/Office Renovation team to work under the direction of Reno Team Lead
Any of the following:
- knowledge of renovation and construction trades

- interested in design and decoration
- a handy man who can help out to set up furniture and install simple fixtures
- good at writing up or negotiating contracts
- best to have experience in obtaining building permits



General Inquiry and Feedback:

Project Lead:  Alan Chan  Member: Joshua Lee

AV Team Lead: Jacky Lai   Members: Jacky Lai, Garry Chung  

Reno Team Lead: Paul Hung   Members: Edmund Kwok