Church Response

We pray that you and your families are safe and healthy during these challenging times. As COVID-19 cases continue to climb, the Province of Ontario has declared emergency and a province-wide stay-at-home order effective April 8, 2021 for 28 days.  This stay at home order is extended on April 16, 2021 for another 14 days for a total of 6 weeks or 42 days.  

The following priorities continue to guide our planning:

• The health and safety of our staff, volunteers and congregants;
• Proactive measures to safeguard against the spread of COVID;
• Provide a safe and meaningful experience for all physical gatherings and worship services;
• Continual emphasis on the great commandment and commission: love God, love our neighbor. We have the mandate to care for one another and protect our communities as we point them to Jesus.

As COVID cases continue on the rise, the situation is quite fluid and changes almost daily. We will follow the guidance of the government and public health by asking everyone to please stay home as much as possible and stay safe.

• Church office is closed beginning April 8, 2021 for 28 days until the stay at home order is lifted.
To contact our pastors and staff, please call 905-305-6467 and press 0 to leave a voicemail, or email us at
• All Sunday service will continue to be live-streamed on Sunday through our YouTube channel.
• Ministry programs will continue be held online.

We look forward to keeping you updated on how things unfold. In the meantime, we invite you to continue to access and participate in our worship services and various ministries online.




  • 我們員工、事奉弟兄姊妹和會眾的健康和安全
  • 採取積極措施以防止病毒擴散
  • 提供有意義的教會會址崇拜和聚會體驗
  • 繼續伸延大誡命和大使命 — 愛神、愛我們的鄰舍。我們有責任彼此關愛,在並將他們帶到神面前的同時保護他們。


  • 教會辦公室將於2021年4月8日開始為期28日暫時關閉,直至居家令取消為止。
  • 如需要聯繫教牧或同工,請致電905-305-6467,然後按0留下口訊,或電郵至。
  • 所有主日崇拜將繼續透過教會YouTube頻道在直播。
  • 各事工聚會將繼續在網上舉行。


YouTube Channel 教會頻道

LBC (Milliken) YouTube channel

Sunday service will be streamed on LBC (Milliken) YouTube channel

For program information amid COVID-19, please click here.

Sunday Worship Resources available on this website and update weekly. Sunday Children Program for grades 1-6 on every Sunday at 9:30 am through Zoom or YouTube.

Our leadership team is continually monitoring the situation and will make adjustments as required to take care for our church family, our neighbours, and our broader community.

For more information, click here.

教會 YouTube 頻道

主日崇拜仍然繼續於教會 YouTube 頻道播放。

如需要知道更多聚會及活動安排,請點擊 國語堂 粵語堂

每週於教會網站上提供更新的主日兒童崇拜資源主日兒童聚會(1年級至6年級)亦於每主日透過 Zoom 或 YouTube 進行。



COVID-19 Initiatives (MAY Edition)