Prayer Items May 3rd, 2020

Prayer Items May 3rd, 2020

For our Church Community

  1. In the uncertain situation of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the closure of the church building, and suspension of all Logos activities except for Pre-recorded Worship Services, let us pray with one heart to look to God for guidance and ride out the difficult times together as a Faith Community. May we realize that Logos is not the building we worship together at, but the Disciple Making Community of believers.

  2. Our 2020 Church Sub Theme is “Go & Bear Fruit” and this is the continuation of the 3-year main theme “Go Bear Fruit”. Let us actively pursue spiritual growth and encourage people whom we are disciple making to be disciple makers themselves. Please pray for the direction and execution of our 2020 church plans by our pastors and leaders in all 3 language congregations.

  3. Pray for brothers and sisters affected by the outbreak, – everyday essential  workers on the front lines, medical staffs caring for patients, those who are temporarily laid off, those who still need to go to work daily or need to work from home, students who need to adapt to online learning and teachers who teach online.

  4. As we celebrate our Church’s 39th Anniversary this Sunday, may we be reminded of God’s goodness and work through our Church. May looking back at God’s work through Logos spurn us on to become a Disciple Making Church and a blessing to others during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

  5. As we approach Mother’s Day on May 10th, may we be reminded of our biological and spiritual mothers who have invested in to us as disciple making disciples. May we celebrate and remember their love for us.

For God’s Kingdom

  1. Pray for our missionaries near and far. We ask God to expand and equip them with more brothers, sisters, and opportunities to share Jesus in 2020 during this COVID -19 pandemic.

  2. May we learn to love each other, practice love and peace, and live the love of Christ to those who are around us by praying for:
    a. Frontline workers. May God protect them from infection by the virus. May God look after their families at this challenging time.

    b. People who are temporarily laid off, small businesses who suffer from loss of income, and families struggling with their finances.

    c. Elderly people living in long-term care and retirement homes, and to pray for those who have been isolated, causing anxiety and unease; we ask the Lord to comfort them during this difficult time.

    d. Opportunities to bless others from our Church’s special COVID-19 Community Initiatives Newsletter, and to pray for the well-being of people in general with special needs family.

    e. Please continue to pray for the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19. We ask God’s mercy to heal those who are infected, and comfort those losing their loves ones due to this COVID-19.

  3. Please pray for churches and ministry organizations near and far as they suffer lack of resources during this pandemic, finances in particular.

  4. Please pray for the families of the 22 people who were killed in the massacre in Nova Scotia. May God comfort them during this difficult time.

Congregational Needs

  1. Pray for our online Zoom EM prayer meetings Tuesdays at 7:30PM, Wednesdays at 7:30PM, Thursdays at 10:30AM, and Friday at 10:30AM and that people will be encouraged to participate in them during this time of uncertainty in the world.

  2. Please remember in prayer our EM/YM Fellowships, Katalyst (High School) and Refresh (Young Adults) as they have Online Worship Night on Friday, May 8th as well as Philia (Junior High) as they have Online Bible Study Night on Saturday, May 9th.

    May this time of church suspension of physical gatherings be a time for these fellowship small group ministries to grow and be strengthened.  

  3. Continue to pray for those who are sick and those who are going through a tough time in their lives.

Children Ministry 

  1. Pray for our children that they will experience peace and protection from God during this period of time.

  2. For those who are participating in the “Pray For Me” campaign: we want to encourage you to continue praying for your children.