News & Announcements April 5th, 2020

News & Announcements April 5th, 2020

Welcome ALL to join our Worship Service on our Church YouTube Channel LBC (Milliken).

Next Week’s EM/YM Easter Sunday Joint Service (Pre-recorded)

  1. Worship Speaker : Rev. George Mah
  2. Passage for Message: Mark 16:1-7


Sunday Service

Our EM/YM Joint Sunday worships will start at 11:30 AM on YouTube until further notice.

Sunday Service Special Arrangement for Church Activities

  1. Sunday Service (pre-recorded)

  2. Weekly Share and Prayer (Online Zoom Meetings)

  3. Outreach Activities (Suspended)

  4. Church Council Meetings ( April 5th, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Online Teams or Zoom Meeting )

  5. Parenting Training: Bounce Back & Thrive! (postponed)

  6. Retirement Lunch for Rev. Stephen Chung (postponed)

Baptism — Our Good Friday Baptismal Service is now cancelled due to COVID-19 precautions. Please stay tuned for more information about our next Baptismal Service.

Children Ministry

  1. Sunday service — worship bulletin can be downloaded from our Logos website.

  2. Beginning April 5th, we are restarting our children program (grade 1-6) at 9:30 AM every Sunday either through Zoom or YouTube. Click for information on how to join.

  1. Koinonia Camp 2020 — will run five weeks from July 13th to August 14th.
    Children Track – JK to Gr. 4
    Leadership Track – Gr. 5 to Gr. 8

    For more information please contact Pastor Angelina Hung or Pastor Mike Wong. Registration form can be downloaded from the church website.
    (Please stay tuned as we continually monitor the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak.)

  2. Staff Recruitment — We are recruiting for staff positions for Koinonia Camp 2020. Please see the church website for information on how to apply. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to Pastor Angelina or Pastor Mike.

Tithes and Special Offerings — We will be using the App for collection of tithes and offerings.

This week, we will again collect a special offering to bless the Markham Food Bank, so they can continue to be a blessing for those in need during this difficult time. If you want to participate, please use the app and choose “Give to: Other” and in the Note write: “Markham Food Bank”.

Please see newsletter and attachment “Mobile App for Online Offering for Logos Baptist Church (Milliken)” for details and instructions.

Softball season is just around the corner! Sign-ups begin today by emailing with your name and closest intersection. If you are under 19 and wish to play or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or talk to Esther Fung or Jensen Wong by April 5th.  


  1. Good Friday Service — will be pre-recorded and streamed on Friday April 10th :

    a. Cantonese – 10:30 AM

    b. Mandarin – 10:30 AM

    c. English/Youth – 11:30 AM

    d. Children program – 11:30 AM

    Let us remember our Jesus’ sacrificial love and grace through this worship.

  2. News of Pastors and Co-workers

    a. Rev. Chung has completed his six years of serving at LBCM on March 31st. We sincerely thank him for his faithful service. May God’s blessings be with him during this time .

    b. Due to the government’s mandate to stay home during COVID-19 state of emergency, the church building and office are closed until further notice. Church staffs are working from home.