News & Announcements September 22, 2019

News & Announcements September 22, 2019

Welcome ALL to our Logos Milliken 

If this is your first time at Logos, please visit our Welcome Table and kindly sign our guest book.

Next Week’s EM/YM Joint Service

  1. Worship Speaker : Rev. KC Ng
  2. Welcome Team: EM
  3. Passage for Message: 2 Cor 5:1-10

Sunday Service

Our Sunday worship starts at 11:30 am with a period of 15 minutes for us to pray and reflect. We encourage you to make use of this time to prepare your hearts to worship and enjoy the presence of God.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

EM has prayer meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30PM in room B03. You are invited to come and pray together as a community.

Administration Affair

  1. Deacon Board Structure & Function Review Committee -Congregation Representative — as of last week we are still in need for 1 more representative from EM and CM congregations. We encourage members from EM and CM who are interested in taking part in this task force to submit their names directly to Deacon Edwin Siu – Chairman of the Board.
  2. Member’s Meeting to be held on September 29th  after each respective service to conduct the followings:

  – Election of 2020 Council Members

  – Election of Deacon Board Structure and Function Review Committee Language Representatives.

  –     Approval of Contract Extension to Pastor Yu-Ling Pan for 3 years ending August 31st , 2022

  – Approval of 2020 Joint Mission and Local Mission Budgets.

Copies of proposed Joint and Local Mission Budget are available at the reception table.

3.  Town Hall Meeting to be held on September 29th from 1:30-3:30pm to conduct the followings:

    – Report from Acting Senior Pastor

    – Report from Deacon Board

    – Q&A 

Light meal (buns) and drinks will be served.

Children Ministry

  1. Children Ministry is asking all parents/ guardians to update their children’s records. If you have children from 0 to Grade 6, please go to children centre during the month of September to update your children information. This will help us keep your children safe.

2. Parents/Guardians for Grade 3-6 are invited to attend our Parents’ Sundays this morning: 9:30am Senior Worship, and 11:15am Sunday School.

3.  Fall Fest 2019

a. Children age 2 to Grade 6 are invited to join us for an evening full fun and fellowship on October 31st from 6:30pm-8:30pm. It is $3 per child. There is an option to purchase dinner (dinner is $2 and at 6:00pm). Children under 2 and newcomers are free. Parents/Guardians are responsible to supervise their children at all times. For more information, please contact Pastor Angelina or Connie.

b. Fall Fest 2019 need volunteers! If you are interested in serving, please contact Pastor Angelina.


1.  House Keeping Reminder

a.   In order to keep a smooth and safe traffic flow on Sunday mornings, please be patient during the peak hour and follow the instructions of the parking lot attendants.

b.  During the summer time, in order to keep the church places clean and hygienic, free from attracting insects and rats, all fellowship members please put food waste and garbage into the large covered garbage can. Please do not dispose food in the small garbage bins in the rooms and for the food that has not been finished please bring your leftovers home.

2.  News of Members

Congratulations to Kenneth and Ronny Lam in Kerith Fellowship for their wedding ceremony at noon on Saturday Sept. 28th at our church. May God bless the new couple.