News & Announcements July 21, 2019

News & Announcements July 21, 2019

Welcome ALL to our Logos Milliken 

Happy Father’s Day! Welcome all brothers and sisters, and friends to participate in our worship, may God bless you, and may Logos Baptist  become your spiritual home.


Next Week’s EM/YM Joint Service

  1. Worship Speaker : Rev. George Mah
  2. Welcome Team: YM Team 1
  3. Passage for Message:  1 Cor 16:13-24


Sunday Service

Our Sunday worship starts at 11:30 am with a period of 15 minutes for us to pray and reflect. We encourage you to make use of this time to prepare your hearts to worship and enjoy the presence of God.


Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

EM has prayer meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30PM in room B03. You are invited to come and pray together as a community.


Administration Affairs

Nomination Committee for the 2020 Church Council — Ballots will be distributed and collected today during the Congregation Meeting.


Koinonia Camp 2019

The camp will run for 6 weeks from July 6th to Aug. 16th. For the safety of our children during the Koinonia Camp, all the entrances to our church will be closed and locked. Please ring the doorbell for access during this time.


Pathfinder registration starts today! We invite all Grade 5-8 students to join the Pathfinder retreat on October 4-6th, 2019. To register, please go to the Children Centre. For more information, please contact Pastor Angelina or Pastor Mike.


Short Term Mission Trip to Panama City

To be held from Sept. 19-30th, 2019 to visit and follow up with new believers.  For more details, please talk with Pastor Priscilla Lee.



  1. Logos Summer Carnival 2019 — We thank God for the wonderful and fruitful Summer Carnival held yesterday at Logos. May we use this is an opportunity to continue to grow in our ability to connect with our community in order to bear fruits.
  2. Farewell Lunch for Pastor Kelvin Fung — A farewell lunch will be held today at 1 PM. For those who have bought tickets, please enjoy the lunch in the gym.
  3. Warm Reminder — As it’s summer time now. In order to keep the church places clean and hygienic, free from attracting insects and rats, all fellowship members put food waste and garbage into the large covered garbage can. Please do not dispose food in the small garbage bins in the rooms and for the food that has not been finished please bring your leftovers home.
  4. News of Members
    1. Brother Quan Zhi Hua in Mandarin Congregation passed away on July 11th, and the funeral service will be held on Friday July 26th, 2 PM at Elgin Mills Cemetery. May God comfort the family at this difficult moment.
    2. Brother Bernie Lui’s father passed away in Hong Kong on July 17th, and has returned to Hong Kong for the funeral service. May God comfort the family at this difficult time.
  5. News of Co-worker — Sister Sophine Kan will be on leave from July 24-30th, and will be back in the office on July 31st.
  6. Financial Highlights for 2019 LBCM

    June YTD
    2019 Budget
    Total receipts 788,056 1,706,419 46%
    Total expenses 860,716 1,904,663 45%
    Surplus (Deficit) (72,660) (198,244) 37%

    The above financial summary is for your information. This is issued on a quarterly basis in April, July, October and January while the annual financial statements will be distributed at the Annual General Meeting in March.