Pastor’s Corner

Pastor's Corner

Dear Ministry Leaders/Friends:

Happy Canada Day! Hope you had a chance to be refreshed and rejuvenated with family and love ones.

This Canada Day is definitely unlike any other as our hearts are heavy in light of the discovery of unmarked graves that reopens wounds for Indigenous people in Canada. As a faith the community let us be intentional to pause, pray, listen, learn, and respond.

Let us be reminded God is working behind the scenes on our behalf. He will continue to bring both salvation and deliverance because He has promised to neither leave us nor forsake us.

This summer we will be taking a pause from our regular sermon series and allow each congregation space to focus on a Biblical theme/topic(s) of their choice.

Our Mandarin congregation will focus on the Biblical character of Abraham. Our Cantonese congregation will be looking at the nature/mission of God through the character of Moses. Finally our English congregation is focusing on a series called “Opening Our Hearts to God” looking at the wide range of emotions we feel as Christians.

With this in mind, the weekly sharing will resume after the congregational summer series are completed. Wishing you all a blessed and fruitful summer.

Looking forward to connecting and ministering with you soon.

Be Blessed!


July 4, 2021