Our Team

Our Team


Rev. George Mah

Senior Pastor

George Mah serves as the Senior Pastor at Logos Baptist Church Milliken, a Chinese Tri-lingual Church in Markham Ontario. He is married to his beautiful wife, Penelope, and is the father to a lovely daughter, Calleigh Elizabeth. Prior to embarking on the journey of full time ministry, George was an IT professional for over 12 years. He is deeply passionate about investing and walking alongside individuals, helping them center their lives on the message and mission of Jesus Christ, creating a movement of disciple making. In his spare time, he is slowly rediscovering the joys of reading and culinary arts. He also enjoys hanging out at his local coffee shop where he can watch and observe life as it unfolds, and connect with people over a good cup of coffee.

Rev. Peter Mah

Founding & Advisory Pastor

Peter Mah serves as the Founding & Advisory Pastor at Logos Baptist Church Milliken. He received M.Div. and D.Min.  from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Canada and Taiwanese Theological Seminary in the USA respectively. 

He has been pastoring the church for 30 years. The congregation has increased from dozens to thousands. There are currently Five churches in the metropolitan area and Districts. Pastor Mah is fully committed to world missions, evangelism, church planting, and theological education, and often participates in short-term missionary work in Central and South America and elsewhere.

Rev. David To

Advisory Pastor

David To serves as the Advisory Pastor. He is the Associate Professor of Educational Ministry, International School of Christian Education

English Pastors

Rev. Scott Bissell

English Lead Pastor

Scott Bissell is the Pastor in Charge – English Ministry and lives by the motto “living for an audience of ONE.”  He has been married to Melodie for 35 years, has a son and two daughters all born in different countries.  He likes to fish, also for souls.  He loves when he is asked questions and you will probably get a story from life as the answer.

Rev. Michael Wong

English Youth Pastor

Mike Wong is the English Ministry Youth Pastor and is passionate about encouraging students to live their calling to be a disciple making disciple of Jesus Christ. Besides discipling students, he is passionate about smoking meat, working out, and cars. A native of Toronto, he lives with his wife and daughter in Markham. 

English Council

Crystal Tse


Roberto Leon


Jason Yip

Community Concerns

Calvin Chan

Missions & Evangelism

Pastor Leading

Body Life

Children Pastor

Pastor Angelina Hung

Children Ministry Pastor

Pastor Angelina Hung is a Christian Educator, Counsellor and Spiritual Director.

She graduated from her Master of Divinity in Counselling and Christian Education. She has completed her Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation. Furthermore, she is a Certified Spiritual Director.

She has served as a Children Pastor for more than 10 years. Her calling is to create opportunities for people to discover, explore, and live out God’s love. My desire is for them to know God’s Word, embrace God’s calling, and bring glory to God.

She currently lives in Toronto with her husband, Ryseling and spiritual nurturing.

Cantonese Pastors

Rev. Dr. KC Ng

Cantonese Pastor

Rev KC Ng is the Cantonese pastor and is serving in different age groups, especially the seniors. Besides his ministry, he is interested in making plastic models, building LEGO, and Hong Kong style milk tea. He enjoys life with his wife of over 40 years, especially while he visits his two sons and four grandkids in the US once or twice a year. 

Rev. Amos Tam

Cantonese Pastor

Rev Amos Tam is mainly shepherding different age groups of Cantonese congregations, especially the Young Adults and Families group.  He is passionate in giving guidance and walking together with brothers and sisters to achieve spiritual growth, live out the mission as a disciple, and build a loving and welcoming atmosphere in the Logos family.  Rev. Amos has been commissioned by the Lord as a pastor since 2009, and throughout the journey he feels thankful for being loved and supported by his wife Josephine, and two daughters Mika and Miah.  His favorite activities to do during his leisure time are reading the Bible contemplatively, writing in his spiritual journal, doodling, watching movies, and making hand drip coffee, but what he likes to do most is traveling with his family.

Pastor Stephenie

Cantonese Pastor

Pastor Stephenie serves in the Cantonese congregation. Her passion lies in engaging with people and sharing life experiences. Stephenie’s interests include music, swimming, and hiking.

Cantonese Council

Priscilla Yu


Ronnie Fong


Alison Mok

Body Life

Raymond Tam

Community Concerns

Pastor Leading

Missions &Evangelism

Mandarin Pastors

Rev. Fred Chiu

Mandarin Lead Pastor

For the past three decades, Pastor Chiu Shun Man and his wife, Angela, have been missionaries in Costa Rica and China. His vision is to encourage and equip believers to live out Christ and fulfill the Great Commission of the Church

Pastor Yu Ying Pan

Mandarin Pastor

Pastor Yu Ying Pan is the Mandarin Ministry Pastor and is passionate about encouraging brothers and sisters to live their calling to be a disciple making disciple of Jesus Christ. She has been married for 32 years, and has a daughter. Besides discipling people who come to church, she likes cooking and decorating the house. She was born in China and lives with her husband and mother in Markham. 

Pastor Yang Fan

Mandarin Pastor

Yang Fan has been pastor in the Mandarin Ministry since 2021. He is father of two kids and lives in Markham. He was an accountant for over 8 years in Shenzhen in Mainland China when God changed his life and he decided to respond to God’s calling at 30. He likes delicious food and cooking, travelling with family, reading, and getting to know other people.

Mandarin Council

Ted Tsang


Edwin Chui


Lillian Shum

Body Life

Martin Li

Community Concerns

Li Xin Lin

Missions & Evangelism

Church board

Edwin Siu
Marcel Shum
Tim Ho

Born in Hong Kong, Tim moved to Vancouver at 12. After university graduation, he moved to Toronto and became a Christian shortly afterwards at Logos. he is married to his wife Joyce and has a daughter Sarah. Tim believes in doing what is just, tries to be compassionate, takes God seriously, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. 

Philip Lim
Jim Hui
George Shi

Common Council

Sandy Lee


Laurence Chin

Library & Literature

Fai Chan

Audio & Visual

Vincent Chang

Information System

Jacqueline Chan


Pastor Leading



Sophine Kan
Vivien Tjon
Connie Ma
Peggy Chan
Thomas Tam
Peter Pan