Prayer Items October 2nd, 2022

Prayer Items October 2nd, 2022

For Church Community

  1. God is at work in us and through us! May He continue to give us opportunities to live our God given mission to intentionally love Him, love others, and make disciples as we finish up the year.

  2. We pray that God will continue to give us a deeper sense of belonging and investment towards our Church family. May we continue to find ways to give, volunteer, love, and support the mission of Logos.

  3. We are excited for our new ministries/ongoing ministries resuming In – Person (Scouts, English class, After School Ministry, Bible Study Groups, Small Groups, etc.) are beginning and people are stepping up. May God give all of us vision, joy, and strength to serve and extend God’s kingdom.
  4. Pray for the discernment and commitment of the deacon candidates for the formation of the new board. Also, we pray for the formation of the Church Council and leadership for 2023.

  5. As we approach thanksgiving, may God prepare our hearts to be thankful for all that God has given us as individuals and as a church.

For God’s Kingdom

  1. Pray for the continued opportunities to bless our community.
    a.Thankful for the launch of the After School Ministry, the recruitment of volunteers, and students. Pray for our children to be blessed as they start connecting with our Logos family.
    b. Pray for the immigration task force initiatives and connections.

  2. Continue to pray for Ukraine and Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

  3. Let’s continue to remember our missionaries, ministry partners, and Logos Joint Missions initiatives in prayer both near and far. We pray for their physical protection and a renewed sense of mission.

  4. Pray for the upcoming Joint Mission Conferences on October 21-23. May we be inspired to be part of God’s work all around the world. 

  5. Pray for protection as we follow the provincial guidelines in relation to COVID–19. Pray for the government’s wisdom to take the best course of action.
  6. May we embody the message of hope as we can reach out to the world in this year.
    a.Pray for the economic ramifications of Covid-19 around the world as well as those struggling during rising prices and inflation.
    b.Pray for people’s emotional and mental health as they deal with mounting pressures surrounding them.
    c.Continue to pray for reconciliation and healing of the indigenous community. Pray with others across the nation as we commemorated Truth and Reconciliation this week .
    d.Pray for the rebuilding of the Atlantic province affected by the hurricane Fiona.

Congregational Needs

  1. Pray for our online Zoom EM prayer meetings Wednesday at 8 pm. Pray that people will be encouraged to participate during this time of uncertainty in the world.
  2. Please remember in prayer our EM/YM Fellowships:

    Katalyst (High School): Bible Study Night on Friday, September 30th and that we be encouraged in our faith through looking at Acts 15.

    Refresh (Young Adults): We pray for our new Refresh groups that will be starting soon.

    Philia (Junior High):Thanksgiving Celebration Night on Saturday, October 8th and that this be a great time of inviting friends to join us and we reflect upon the many blessings that God has given to us in our lives.

    May we continue to grow in our faith through these fellowships.

Children Ministry

  1. Pray for Teacher Training, may God use this training to recruit and equip more brothers and sisters to serve Children Ministry.
  2. Pray for October 8th  Sonlight Bundles, we are celebrating Thanksgiving, may God bless the program.
  3. Pray for October 16th teacher core meeting, may God lead us in planning, and helping out children in learning.