News & Announcements on August 22nd, 2021

News & Announcements on August 22nd, 2021

Welcome All to Our Worship Service
We welcome you all to join our English Ministry Worship Service on our Church’s YouTube Channel LBC(Milliken.

Next Week’s EM/YM Joint Sunday Service (Livestream) starting at 11:30 AM on YouTube.

Speaker: Rev. Scott Bissell
Passage: Psalm 32

Summer Life Together for EM and YM

Join us Sunday 10AM – 11AM for a time of learning, discussion, and sharing. About our summer series, please contact Rev. Scott, Pastor Mike, or Cecilia for more information or email

Logos 40th Anniversary

  1. Blessed to Bless: with various activities to bless our communities and to proclaim Jesus. We thank you the brothers and sisters who participated at the Community Garage Sale in last Saturday.
    Our church will be hosting a Free Movie Night on Saturday September 18th in the church parking lot. Further details will be announced later.
  2. Stronger Together: Logos Album/ Yearbook (Fall of 2021).

News from Children Ministry

Children Ministry (Nursery-Grade 6) is asking parents to update their children information. Deadline is September 12th. Please go to the website to download the forms.

News from Church Library:
The foyer renovation project is about to start, library relocation is coming soon.  We are now taking inventory and packing. Brothers and sisters who borrowed any books, DVDs, movies… etc. from the library, please return it to church office by the end of August during office hours (Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm). For inquiry, please call 905-305-6467

Community Concerns
Fun With Our Community
Various activities will be held during July to October. Please refer to bulletin insert and our church web site for more details.

News from Finance
Offering Report for July 2021

News from Mission Department
Commissioning Ceremony for Rev. Wilson Lu(Panama), Wendy and Keith Kwan (Tijuana, Mexico)will be held today during Cantonese worship.

1.Church Reopening 
Phase 2 of church reopening will begin on September 12th. For our re-opening roadmap, room booking policy, in-person worship registration and other details, please refer to the bulletin insert. Please contact the church office for room booking at 905-305-6467 or

2.Church Office Hours
Pastoral and Admin staff are working at church on a rotation basis.  Church office hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm (Saturday closed). To contact our pastors or staff, please call 905-305-6467, press “0” and leave a voicemail, or email

3.Ways to Give
a.Interac e-Transfer — Brothers and sisters can give their offerings and tithes to the Church through Interac e-Transfers using the email address
b. Mail-in cheque offering
c. Cheque Offering Drop off to Church
d. On-line offering using

4.Member’s News
Congratulation to Ronald Lam and Nichole Wong for the arrival of their baby boy Levi (8.1 Lbs). May God bless and watch over the baby and the family.