Pastor’s Corner (June 6, 2021)

Dear Ministry Leaders/Friends:

Most Christians are quick to acknowledge the importance of prayer. More specifically, most agree that we should faithfully pray for one another and for the church as a whole. But while we know that we should pray, the question is, do we? How often do we pray for one another and the church?

An important follow up question is this: When we do pray for one another, what is the primary focus of our prayers? What are the things that we focus on most in our prayers for one another?

This morning we will focus on Colossians 1:9-14 and see how Paul describes the way he prays for the Colossians and what He is asking God to do in and through them. As we journey through this passage may it serve as an encouragement to consider the kinds of prayers we pray and evaluate the content of our own prayers for the church and for one another.

This passage reveals Paul’s overarching petition in prayer for the Colossians to please god by living a life that honors Him.  

Paul’s example of prayer should cause us to evaluate both our commitment to praying as well as the content of our prayers. As we pray we should desire that those around us and the church as a whole would grow in the knowledge of God’s will and in the ability to apply that knowledge to living a life worthy of the Lord.

Who are you praying for today? What part of Paul’s prayer speaks to a specific need in their life?

Journeying together,


Jun 6, 2021