Prayer Items July 24th, 2022

Prayer Items July 24th, 2022

For Church Community

  1. As we continue to live out our vision of Loving God, Loving People and making disciples, pray that we will be more intentional to love each other, more inviting to the community & beyond.

  2. Pray God will continue to give us a deeper sense of belonging and investment towards our spiritual family. May we continue to find fresh ways of coming together as a community.

  3. Pray for the upcoming official readings of the proposed changes to the constitution/by-laws today and in September.

  4. We give thanks for our sister Yu Ling Pan’s successful operation and for a speedy recovery.

  5. Pray for the recruitment process for our Church Council Nominations and as we approach deacon candidates for next year.

  6. Pray for this summer and for safety. May this be a time for rest and reflection with love ones. 

For God’s Kingdom

  1. Pray for the upcoming initiatives that we have lined up to bless our community.
    a.Thank God for the opportunity to bless and welcome our neighbours and friends on our upcoming Logos Yard Sale. May relationships continue to grow with our neighbours through other initiatives. Pray for the upcoming initiatives to bear fruit.
    b.We thank God for the completion of the second week of our Koinonia and Senior Camps. May our campers have a meaningful experience and encounter the love of Christ this summer. Pray for the safety and health of the campers and staff. 
    c) Pray for the launch of the After School Ministry in September, the recruitment of volunteers, and students. We pray for a favorable response from our neighbors as we continue to promote it.
  2. Continue to pray for Ukraine and Russian invasion of the Ukraine.
    a.May peace and reconciliation occur
    b.Pray for the believers who are present in the conflict. May God give them the strength to care and proclaim that God is present.
    c.Pray for those who have been displaced by this conflict and are seeking shelter and refuge and hope.
    d.Pray for the Ukrainians coming to Canada seeking safety. Pray for opportunities to bless them.
    e.Give thanks that we as a church have been able to work with Canadian Baptist Ministries to see what they see in offering care.
  3. Let’s continue to remember our missionaries, ministry partners, and Logos Joint Missions initiatives in prayer both near and far. We pray for their physical protection and a renewed sense of mission.

     a.Pray for Mrs.Mary Lee as she will go through Hip Replacement Surgery on 3rd August. Pray for the preparations and speedy recovery.
    .Pray for planning for the upcoming Joint Mission Conferences.
    c.Pray for Rev. David To and Ms. To as they make preparations to enter into the mission field in Cambodia.

  4. As we continue to navigate through COVID–19, let’s pray for wisdom and be mindful to stay safe and healthy. May God be with those who have recently been affected with it.

  5. May we embody the message of hope as we can reach out to the world in this year.
    a.Pray for Food Banks and shelters in the city as they are under increasing pressures and facing unprecedented demand.
    b.Pray for the economic ramifications of Covid-19 around the world as well as those struggling during rising prices and inflation.
    c.Continue to pray for reconciliation and healing of the indigenous community.

Congregational Needs

  1. Pray for our online Zoom EM prayer meetings Wednesday at 8 pm. Pray that people will be encouraged to participate during this time of uncertainty in the world.
  2. Please remember in prayer our EM/YM Fellowships:

    Katalyst (High School) Off Night on Friday, July 29th and may the students get a time of rest during the August Long Weekend. 

    Refresh (Young Adults)Off Night on Friday, July 29th.

    Philia (Junior High): BBQ with Sonlight Bundle on Saturday, August 13th. May our fellowships continue to grow closer together through these joint activities.

    May we continue to grow in our faith through these fellowships.
  3. Pray for the upcoming game of our softball team Arise on August 6th  . May they continue to grow close as a team,share faith with others, and glorify God through the sport of softball. We pray for those who play who are not part of our Logos family to continue to get to know us more.

Children Ministry

  1. Pray for Children Ministry, we are choosing new curriculum, may God help us to find the best one.
  2. SLB children fellowship will go to park on July 23, we pray for safety and good weather.