Prayer Items March 14th, 2021

For our Church Community

1.  Pray for Logos as we have entered our 40th Year as a Church. Our 2021 – 2022 theme is “Be Renewed”. May we move forward with new initiatives, spirit, and unity that will make us true witnesses for Jesus Christ as we seek to be a disciple making church. May we be mindful of God’s blessings, be alert and sensitive to where He’ll lead us. 

2.  As we enter into a new chapter of Logos, may we continue to bring the Glory to God in all that we do as a faith community.

3.  As we continue through 2021, may God give us a heart to go forth and serve both inside and outside of Logos to make disciples. May we also share the hope that we have in Christ and continue to pray for families or individuals with spiritual and material needs that they may know Jesus Christ. 

4.  Pray for the foyer renovation and AV upgrade projects and pray for people to become behind this project as we strive to refresh the Church for the Glory of God.

5.  May God draw us together during the COVID – 19 outbreaks and build us into a stronger community after one year apart.

For God’s Kingdom

1.  We are thankful that we are part of the CBOQ and CBM family. May God continue to allow us to part of a family of churches, transformed by Christ, revealing God’s kingdom.

2.  Let’s remember in our prayers our missionaries and ministry partners near and far.  Due to worldwide government restrictions, we pray for missionaries waiting for visas to go back to their mission fields and for those who are in limbo in their ministries.

3.  May God continue to motivate us to support and participate in mission opportunities both near and far.

4.  As we continue to navigate through COVID – 19, let’s pray for love and peace at this time as we show the love of Christ to those who are around us by praying:

a.  For opportunities to bless others by our Church’s special COVID-19 Community Initiatives.

b.  For the vaccines production and distribution around the world, we pray for worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 for God’s mercy to heal those who are infected. We also pray for our federal and provincial leaders as they seek the best practices to protect all Canadians from the virus and the new variants. We pray for patience as vaccines are rolled out and continue to be cautious and follow safety measures.

c.   For those who have been impacted by COVID-19: front line essential workers, medical staff, those who still need to go to work daily or work from home, small businesses suffering from lost income, families struggling with finances, seniors living in long-term care homes, students and teachers who will be going back to school. May God protect and comfort them and their families during this challenging time.

5.  Please pray for a confused and challenging world. We pray for those who are trying to come home to Canada and affected by the new mandatory quarantine rules for arriving travellers, pray for the Military Coup in Myanmar, for those who are imprisoned for their faith globally, the bomb explosion in Equatorial Guinea, high global economic strain, as well as better geopolitical relations between countries.

Congregational Needs

1.  Pray for our online Zoom EM prayer meetings at Wednesday at 7:30 pm and that people will be encouraged to participate in them during this time of uncertainty in the world.

2.  Please remember in prayer our EM/YM Fellowships, Katalyst (High School) as they have Small Group Night and Refresh (Young Adults) as they have Bible Study Night on Friday, March 19th as well as Philia (Junior High) as they have Easter Reflection Night on Saturday, March 27th. May this time of church suspension of physical gatherings be a time for these fellowship and small group ministries to grow and be strengthened.

3.  Continue to pray for those who are sick, concerned about grandparents/ family members who are susceptible to the virus.

4.  Pray for those that are isolated and struggling personally.  Also, for those are stressed over work and studying from home.

Children Ministry

1.  We pray for brothers and sisters who have been serving Children Ministry with a faithful heart. We thank God for all the blessings on us in 2020, and His continuous guiding us to serve in 2021.

2.  Pray for Good Friday. May our kids experience God's love and equal, as Jesus died for us on the cross.