News & Announcements January 12th, 2020

News & Announcements January 12th, 2020

Welcome ALL to our Logos Milliken 

If this is your first time at Logos, please visit our Welcome Table and kindly sign our guest book.

Next Week’s EM Service

  1. Worship Speaker : Rev. Calvin Russel
  2. Passage for Message: John 1:41
  3. Welcome Team: EM

Sunday Service

Our Sunday worship starts at 11:30 am with a period of 15 minutes for us to pray and reflect. We encourage you to make use of this time to prepare your hearts to worship and enjoy the presence of God.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

EM has prayer meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pM in room B03. You are invited to come and pray together as a community.


Disciple Making Church: Disciple making is nothing more than sharing the good news of the Gospel and seeking to multiply Christ’s character and priorities in others through our web of relationship. – Dann Spader

Message Series for January:
— Jan. 5th Go and Bear Fruit (John 15:16)

— Jan. 12th Follow Jesus and be a  Fisher of Men(Matt. 4:19)

— Jan. 19th Come and Follow Jesus (John 1:43)

— Jan. 26th Come and See (John 1:39, 46)

News from Finance

  1. All departments and ministry heads, please submit all 2019 outstanding reimbursement claims and supporting receipts to Finance Dept. Today is the last day for submission.
    *Fellowship petty cash excluded*
  2. Offering reports for Dec. 2019 and the whole year of 2019 are now posted on the bulletin board outside the main office. Please check your records for reconciliation to facilitate our Finance Department preparing your offering receipts.

Administration Affairs

  1. Deacon Board Meeting ― will be held today at 1:00 pm in room A08.
  2. AGM 2020 and Town Hall — This year’s AGM will be on March 22nd, 2020, where the congregation will be asked to vote on whether to accept Rev. George Mah to be the Senior Pastor of our Church. Please pray for our church and ourselves, that we seek God’s guidance for Logos during this important moment. There will be a Town Hall session on March 01, 2020 where members can ask questions pertaining to this vote.


Library and Literature News

  1. Every 1st and 2nd Sunday of each odd month, our church library will have spiritual books displayed in the Fellowship Hall for brothers and sisters to borrow for reading.
  2. Flowers Offering for Worship in the Sanctuary and Gym — Brothers and sisters can offer a $50 flower offering on a weekly basis. The sign up form has been posted in front of the Church office. All brothers and sisters, fellowships, and small groups are welcome to participate. Pastoral News
  3. Friendly Reminder
    a.   If you are suffering from sickness or coughing, please request a face mask from ushers as sharing sickness is not caring.

    b.  Please do not park your car inside the areas with yellow strip lines nor any spot near the intersections in the parking lots to avoid accidents or blocking the road. 
  4. Membership Transferred ― the following brothers and sisters have completed all necessary official procedures of member-ship transfer and now became our church members, including:
    a. Alice Lau
    b. Sunny Choi
    c. Tommy Li
    d. Mabel Qiu
    e. Xiu Jin Liu
    f. Huaping Weng
    g. Shin Dee Tatiersky