Koinonia Camp 2020

Due to COVID-19, Koinonia Camp has become a VIRTUAL camp. Everything will be provided through an online platform.


Contact Information: E-mail us at koinoniacamp@logosbaptist.org


Our Mission

LBCM Koinonia Camp is about creating a Godly and stimulating environment
for our young people to learn and play together.

We want to see our young people motivated by an invigorating journey that focuses on personal and leadership development. Young people will experience engaging activities and amazing Bible stories.
“Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not turn from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

Childen Track (Grade 1-4)

This Children Track focuses on helping your children develop healthy social emotional skills. In a child-friendly and fun environment, children will learn how to interact with other people, and understand and control their own emotions.

Character Building: Using Biblical principles, children will work on developing Trust, Love, Forgiveness, Humility, and Courage.

Stations: Children will be learning different skills by engaging in four different stations: Bible and character building, arts and crafts, recreation and sports, and life skills.

During these fun-filled weeks, our goal is to help your children become responsible, faithful, and purposeful Godly citizens.

Leadership Track (Grade 5-8)

Our Leadership Track provides students currently in Grade 5 to Grade 8, with the opportunity to understand, develop, and exercise their personal and leadership abilities, as well as spiritual growth through indoor and outdoor activities. This year, we will focus upon team dynamics and knowing our strengths and weaknesses in group environments.

Personal Development occurs through basic life skills training, fitness improvement, building self-awareness/confidence, learning to take the initiative in situations, maintaining situational awareness, understanding our personality types and different ways we like to help others, as well as overcoming obstacles encountered.

Leadership Development occurs through the development of gifts and abilities as well as the practice of them, volunteer experiences, time management exercises, team building skills, verbal and non – verbal communication growth, and opportunities to put what they have learned by spearheading initiatives related to the Koinonia Camp.

Spiritual Development occurs through daily worship, scripture reading, take home challenges, and thoughts to reflect upon in their day to day lives.

Important Information

When: July 13-August 7 (Week of August 4-7 is a short week). Monday to Friday except for the short week (Tuesday to Friday).

Camp hours: 10am – 3pm (an hour of lunch break).

Online Platform: All the programs will be facilitated through Zoom.

Fee: $50 per week. (Short week is $40).

Payment Method: Cash or Cheque are accepted.

Mail or deliver cheque made payable to “Logos Baptist Church (Milliken)”. Do not mail cash.

Payment can also be dropped off when picking up the materials for the camp.

Instructions for mailing: Write on the envelope:

Attn: Church Office: Koinonia Camp

Logos Baptist Church (Milliken)

133 Old Kennedy Road. Markham. ON L3R 0L5

Registration Change/Withdrawal:

Request for withdrawal or any changes must be submitted before July 6, 2020. There will be a $25 administration fee for withdrawal, $25 for changes made to a different week(s), and $25 for switching from children track to leadership track or the other way around.

A Full Refund (less $25 administration charge per session) will be given if a request for cancellation is provided in writing before July 6, 2020.  No Refund will be given after July 12 2020.

Camp Materials:

Parents/Guardians are expected to pick up the materials before the camp starts. The materials will be available for pick up at Logos Baptsit Church (Milliken). More information will be provided after registration.

Lunch and Breaks:

The camp will not be providing any food and water.

Parents/Guardians are responsible to supervise their own children during lunch and break times.

Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional Safety:

Parents/Guardians are responsible to look after their children’s physical, intellectual, and emotional safety while engaging in the online activies provided by this camp.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to monitor the online activities; therefore, children are not encouraged to use a headset. Parents/Guardians should be able to hear and see what it is happening.

Parents/Guardians are expected to promptly respond to any accidental injuries children might incur during these activities.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children’s sickness and medication.

Guidelines for Children attending this online program:

We have a set of expectations for our children. This list has been created for the purpose of protecting our children and our leaders.

Click HERE to download.

Clothing and Shoes:

Children are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing for the activities.

Children might need to wear the right shoes for the activities.


Children might need to have the right amount space. This will allow the children to fully participate in the activities provided.

Registration Form:

Click HERE for registration form.